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Why You Should Follow Your Dreams NOW

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Are You Happy at work?

What do you mean, follow my dreams NOW!? My job IS my dream!

Hear me out…

According to Gallup, their poll shows a staggering 85% of people around the world hate their job or their current manager. So, it is very rare that you actually love EVERYTHING about your job. However, if you do love your job. Keep working hard and be the best that you can be! Set goals, achieve them, then repeat.

To be fair, I will admit that the poll mentioned that the number was slightly higher here in the US. It mentioned that around 30% of workers enjoy their job. Even if I was being gracious with the numbers, that means 70% of Americans hate their job.

Is it OK to quit your job

Reasons to Quit Your Job

Let’s be clear, I am not insinuating that all jobs are bad and no one should have one. Jobs can be a great platform for an amazing career or business of your own. However, there are several reasons people dislike their jobs such as:

  • You are in the wrong position (bored)
    • If you have been in the same position for several years, things tend to get a bit repetitive. That is why it is important to strive to be promoted to gain more skills and alleviate boredom.
  • Poor Management
    • This goes without saying. Bad or poor management can make even the best job seem horrible.
  • Low Pay
    • People need to feel they are being paid a fair wage to feel valued. When you are underpaid you are more likely to be unhappy.
  • Terrible Life to Work Ratio
    • Some fields of business do not have this problem. They work a set 40 hours no overtime required. Unfortunately, many companies require more than 40 hours of work. This could cut into your vacation time or much needed time with your family.
  • Company’s lack of morals or values
    • Companies change over the years which means policy changes. Some of the changes may not align with your morals. This may deal with poor management or leadership.

All in all, the list can go on and on. Please comment below if you would like for me to elaborate on the list above or create a list of issues and how to fix them within the workplace.

Don’t Look Back

Sadly, I admit, I fell into that 70%….

I worked in the automotive industry for over 8 years. For a great company and learned SO many new things. And yet, towards the end of my career, I felt extremely unfulfilled and unhappy. It had very little to do with the companies I worked for. It had EVERYTHING to do with me needing a change in my life. That change starts today.

My dream has always been to start a blog. For so long, I wanted to just try. I was kind of pushed into it after leaving the industry. Funny thing is, I have journal entries dating back to 2015, praying and talking to God about starting a blog. Unfortunately, I never had the courage to put myself out there. Today, I do.

I am starting the Entrepreneurial journey of my dreams. I’m very aware that it will be FAR from easy. I plan to document my journey with the good the bad and the ugly. Hopefully, you all will join me and give me a little encouragement along the way.

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams NOW

Happy man follow my dreams

Following your dreams can mean anything such as:

  • Getting a new position at a different company (or the same company).
  • Trying something completely new and out of your comfort zone.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Creating passive income.

I know what you are thinking, “Tammy, that’s much easier said than done.”. The truth of the matter is, anything we do will take hard work and determination. Why not work hard for something you love rather than, something you dislike.

What’s Your Plan?

The good news is you don’t have to quit and struggle until you find your way. You can work toward your dreams in your free time. If you can dedicate 40 hours to someone else’s business/dream, then you can definitely give your dream 2 hours a night.

Is there something you want to learn how to do? Use YouTube to learn a skill. Sign up for a course. Read some books!

The only thing holding you back is YOU.

All it takes is 1 step of faith.

Are you ready to take that step? Follow your dreams NOW.

Do you need ideas to work from home or what you can invest in? Let me know and I will give you some ideas.

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    Good luck for the next!

    1. Thank you! I love your website!

  2. It’s not easy at all. The hardest thing you will ever have to do is defeat the fear of the unknown. Keep trying and take one day at a time. You will definitely succeed.

  3. You’re welcome, thanks for visiting!

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